Month: May 2017

Vacancy: Assistant Security Officer

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands is seeking to recruit a suitable and qualified person for the position of Assistant Security Officer within the Human Resource & Corporate Services Department.

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What NPF’s new saving scheme is

What NPF’s new saving scheme is By Natasha Eddie, CBSI Communications Officer Article No. : 03/2017 For so long, those in the informal sectors have been excluded from joining Solomon Islands Provident Fund. But with the Solomon Islands National Provident Funds (SINPF) newly launched youSave saving scheme, self- employers like market vendors, farmers, taxi drivers, contractors, domestic fishermen can now save their money for retirement.  ...

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CBSI Role in the Cash Cycle

Many people still do not understand how cash circulates with in our economy and often express their interest in knowing more about the role of Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) in this area. This article describes the role of the Central Bank in the cash cycle and aims to inform the public of how the cycle works in general, in order for people to understand and
appreciate the role CBSI plays in maintaining smooth circulation. The full article and currency movement chart can be downloaded below.

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Debt – Growth Nexus the Case for Solomon Islands

External borrowing or debt is a common practice in developing and least developed countries around the world for various reasons. If local borrowing is limited, these countries depend on sourcing external funds to subsidize their deficit budgets or cushion revenue shortfalls and to fund major infrastructure or development projects.The full article can be downloaded below.

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Press Release- Solomon Islands Government Commits to Digitization of 80% of Payments by 2020

Press Release – Solomon Islands Government Commits to Digitization of 80% of Payments by 2020 Honiara, Solomon Islands – The Solomon Islands Government has today announced its commitment to become a member of the Better Than Cash Alliance (BTCA) and use electronic payment channels for both payments and receipts in a way that improves lives and expands responsible digital financial services....

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Key Statistics

(September, 2018) 3.3%
GDP (2016)
Actual (source: SINSO)
Real GDP
SBD$ 4,603m
Nominal GDP
SBD$ 8,606m
Real GDP Growth3.4%
Foreign Reserves
(December 05, 2018)SBD $5,197m
Interest Rates
(September, 2018)
Deposit Rate0.26%
Lending Rate10.75%
Money Supply
(December 05, 2018)SBD $5,177m

Exchange Rates

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