To execute the functions and perform the operations of the Central Bank, the Bank is structured into seven major departments and supported by four smaller units. The major departments consist of;

  • Economics Research & Statistics Department (ERSD)
  • Financial System, Regulation Department (FSRD)
  • Financial Markets & Exchange Control; (FMEC)
  • Currency, Banking & Payments Department (CBPD)
  • Human Resource & Corporate Service Department (HRCSD)
  • Finance & Accounts Department (FAD)
  • Information & Communication Technology Department (ICTD)

Each department comes under the control of a Chief Manager and a Manager.

These departments are supported by 4 units:

  • Internal Audit Unit (IAU)
  • National Financial Inclusion (NFIU)
  • Corporate Communications Unit (CCU)
  • Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU)

The smaller units report to the Governors Office which is controlled by the Governor himself with the assistance of the Deputy Governor along with both two Advisors, Manager Advisor Policy and Manager Advisor Operations. read more.