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Solomon Islands Currency: The Numismatic Business

Solomon Islands Currency: The Numismatic Business By Daniel Haridi, Chief Manager of Currency & Banking Department Article No. : 05/2017 The word numismatic in the CBSI context refers to coins that are minted or made, depicting certain events to be commemorated for collectors.  There are collectors who collect items for either fun or hobby, for example, collectors of items like stamps, candy bars, beers etc. With regards to coins, there are collectors who collect coins for fun or as a hobby as well. There are also the more serious collectors who collect coins for the intrinsic value of the coins. This group of collectors look at the investment potential from coin collecting because of the alloy composition of the coins like gold or silver. Still others want to collect coins because of the exotic nature and often the rarity of the coin due to errors from minting or because they are considered ancient.    ...

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Rarawa – “Digital finance, key to de-risking”

De-risking has become a development financing issue that many countries in the Pacific are still struggling to tackle. According to the Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Mr. Denton Rarawa, this is an issue of concern not only to Central banks in the region but in other parts of the world.

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What NPF’s new saving scheme is

What NPF’s new saving scheme is By Natasha Eddie, CBSI Communications Officer Article No. : 03/2017 For so long, those in the informal sectors have been excluded from joining Solomon Islands Provident Fund. But with the Solomon Islands National Provident Funds (SINPF) newly launched youSave saving scheme, self- employers like market vendors, farmers, taxi drivers, contractors, domestic fishermen can now save their money for retirement.  ...

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Key Statistics

(December, 2017) 1.8%
GDP (2016)
RGDP (Real) *estimates SBD$ 4,607m
NGDP (Nominal) *estimates SBD$ 8,504m
Real GDP Growth3.5%
Foreign Reserves
(February 14, 2018)SBD $4,866m
Interest Rates
December, 2017)
Deposit Rate0.37%
Lending Rate10.89%
Money Supply
(February 14, 2018)SBD $4,902m

Exchange Rates

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