Welcome to our Collectible Notes & Coins page. Listed below are the collectibles that are currently available to be browsed through which were sub-divided into three groups.

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Royal Visit Commemorative Coin Set

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Solomon Islands 2012 Silver Proof Set:

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Solomon Islands Uncirculated Coins & Notes:

Theme: Solomon Islands Twenty Dollars Note   Year: 1986

Theme: Solomon Islands Fifty Dollars Note  Year: 1986

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Commemorative Coins:

Theme: RAMSI Coin (Silver)  Year: 2005  Price: SBD$600-00 

Issued as legal tender under the authority of the Central bank of Solomon Islands, the 2005 dated coin marks the success of efforts by the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) to help restore peace and security in the Pacific Island nation.

Theme: 50th Anniversary Pearl Harbor (Gold Proof Set)    Year: 1941-1991    Price: SBD$16,200:00  

The Gold Proof set commemorates the bombing of the United States military base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, thereby precipitating American involvement in World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbour signaled the extension of the war into the Pacific Islands. Forming a 900-mile chain across the south-west Pacific Ocean, the Solomon Islands were strategically important to the Japanese in their attempt to conquer the South Pacific. On 23 January 1942 Japanese troops arrived, occupying the Western and Central Islands until August that same year when Amecican forces landed on Florida and Guadalcanal Islands and began a six-month campaign ending in the expulsion of the Japanese Forces.

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