Year: 2019

CBSI warns of another pyramid scheme in Solomon Islands

CBSI warns of another pyramid scheme in Solomon Islands Honiara, Solomon Islands – The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is strongly advising the general public to avoid investing in a new pyramid scheme that is currently being promoted as “One Link Pacifica.”...

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Cryptocurrencies – Why it is a concern

Cryptocurrencies -Why it is a concern By CBSI Media Article No. : 14/2019 The evolution of new technologies supported by the development of intelligent digital technologies are driving transformational changes in the global economy, including how goods and services and assets are exchanged. (IMF 2016) An important development in this process has been the emergence of virtual currencies such as cryptocurrencies....

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youSave LoMobile -Encouraging youSave members to aggressively save for their future

youSave LoMobile – Encouraging youSave members to aggressively save for their future By CBSI – Financial Inclusion Unit Article No. : 13/2019 As part of the digital initiatives coordinated by CBSI under the National Financial Inclusion strategy 2, 2016-2020 to improve access to finance and in particular a convenient and safe channel for the wider population to their savings, among these is “youSave LoMobile” a service which enable SINPF youSave members to do their savings any time anywhere through their mobile phones using mobile top-ups. This service is provided by SINPF in partnership with Solomon Telekom and Bmobile....

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Press Release -Insurance Sector Market Conduct Directives

Insurance Sector Market Conduct Directives Honiara, Solomon Islands – The Office of the Controller of Insurance (COI) has released for implementation two new directives. The directives cover two specific areas and these are Market Conduct of Insurance Brokers and Reinsurance Management Strategy for Insurance Companies, which are applicable to all Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies licensed by COI....

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Key Statistics

(May, 2020) 7.2%
GDP (2017)
Actual (source: SINSO)
Constant 2012 prices
Real GDP
SBD$ 10,547m
Nominal GDP
SBD$ 11,703m
Real GDP Growth5.3%
Foreign Reserves
(July 29, 2020)SBD $5,728m
Interest Rates
(May, 2020)
Deposit Rate0.45%
Lending Rate10.81%
Money Supply
(July 29, 2020)SBD $5,081m

Exchange Rates

Last Week
CNY0.8466 0.8475

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