The following are the Prudential Guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

Capital Adequacy - Prudential Guideline No.1
Asset Classification and Provisioning -Prudential Guideline No.2
Foreign Currency Open Positions - Prudential Guideline No.3
External Audit Requirements -Prudential Guideline No.4
Large Credit Exposures- Prudential Guideline No.5
Liquidity Management -Prudential Guideline No.6
Prudential Returns -Prudential Guideline No.7
Disclosure on Interest Rates, Fees & Charges Title - Prudential Guideline No.8
Complaints Management -Prudential Guideline No.9
Business Continuity Management- Prudential Guideline No.10
Outsourcing Requirements -Prudential Guideline No.11
Related Party Transaction -Prudential Guideline No.12
Information Technology Security Risk Management -Prudential Guideline No.13
Corporate Governance - Prudential Guideline No. 14
Fit and Proper requirements of Persons Holding Responsible Persons Position-Prudential Guideline No.15
Money Laundering, Financing of Terrorism and Risk Managment Prudential Guideline No.16
Politically Exposed Persons Risk Management Prudential Guideline No.17
AML requirements for Dealing with Higher Risk Countries- Prudential Guideline No.18
AML requirements for Risk Assessment of New Products, New Business Practices and Technologies - Prudential Guideline No.19
Cybersecurity- Prudential Guideline No.20
Financial Consumer Protection- Prudential Guideline No.21
Use of Cash Agents in Solomon Islands -Practice Guidance Note . 1
Mobile Money Services -Practice Guidance Note. 2
Governance of Credit Union -Practice Guidance Note. 3
Governance of Credit Union -Practice Guidance Note. 4
COI Directive.1- Controller of Insurancesurance Managment Strategy
COI Directive.2-Market Conduct of Insurance Brokers
COI Directive.3 Reinsurance Managment Strategy
COI Directive.4 - Complaints Management of Insurance Companies and Insurance Intermediaries licensed in Solomon Islands
COI Directive.5 - Insurance Agent