Domestic Development Bonds (DDB)  are short-term discount security, denominated in Solomon Bokolo
dollars (SBD) and redeemable at Face Value on their Maturity Date. The issuer is the Solomon Islands Government (SIG).

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands  wishes to announce the latest issue of its Domestic Development Bonds. Details of the upcoming auction can be found in the latest offering announcement:

For further information about the Domestic Development Bonds can be downloaded here:

If you require further information, please contact either Daisy Cains or Doreen Lai Monogari on phone 21791 extension 229 or 227

Domestic Development Bonds Tender – Results

SIG Domestic Development Bonds Series 03/2022.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands wishes to announce the results of the Domestic Development Bonds auction which took place on Wednesday, 7th December  2022

Target Volume: $298.900m

TermsTarget Volume Volume AcceptedCoupons
5 Years$150.00m$40.00m4.00%
3 Years$75.00mN/A2.5%
2 Years$73.900m$30.00m2.00%



 To be confirmed.