To execute the functions and perform the operations of the Central Bank, the Bank is structured into ten major departments and supported by 2 smaller units. The major departments consist of;
  1. Governors Office
  2. Economics Research & Statistics Department (ERSD)
  3. Risk Management & Corporate Communications Department (RMCCD)
  4. Financial System, Regulation Department (FSRD)
  5. Financial Markets & Exchange Control; (FMECD)
  6. Currency, Banking & Payments Department (CBPD)
  7. Human Resource & Corporate Service Department (HRCSD)
  8. Finance & Accounts Department (FAD)
  9. Information & Communication Technology Department (ICTD)
  10.  Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU)
Two supporting smaller units within the Governors Office are;
    1. Internal Audit Unit (IAU)
    2. National Financial Inclusion (NFIU)