In carrying out its objective under the Central Bank Act, the Bank’s main responsibilities are as follows:

Monetary Policy

The Bank shall determine and implement Monetary policy

Foreign Exchange Matters and International Reserves

The Bank shall:

  • contribute to determining the exchange rate regime under section 16 of the CBSI Act 2012;
  • determine and implement exchange rate policy;
  • regulate the international exchange of money as further specified in this Act or any other law;
  • hold and manage the international reserves;
Currency and Legal tender

The Bank shall issue, regulate and manage the currency of Solomon Islands;

Statistics and Information

The Bank shall:

  • collect and produce statistics;
  • inform the Parliament, Government and the public about its policies, functions and operations as further specified in this Act;
Payments System

The Bank shall promote a safe, sound and efficient payment system;


The Bank shall:

  • regulate, licence, register and supervise financial institutions as further specified in this Act or any other law;
  • ensure that financial institutions establish within their organization consumer complaints units;
Relationship with Parliament, Government and State

The Bank shall:

  • to act as banker, financial adviser and fiscal agent to the Government and to any other public bodies and organisations of Solomon Islands;
  • to cooperate with and participate in international bodies and organisations concerning matters that are within its fields of competence; and
Financial Inclusion

The Bank shall promote financial inclusion and related activities; and

Relationship with Other Laws

The Bank shall carry out any ancillary activities incidental to carrying out its functions under this Act or any other law.