The oversight of the operation and governance of the Central Bank are vested in the Board of Directors. The Board consists of the Governor as the chairperson, the Deputy Governor, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, and six non-executive members. They are charged with the formulation and supervision of the implementation of the Central Bank policies and the supervision of the administration and operations of the Central Bank.  Together they bring to the Board a wide range of expertise and experience essential to its decision and policy making. The board appoints a secretary to ensure all rules and bylaws of the organization are adhered to by the board during meetings and the implementation of board decisions.

Governor Dr. Luke Forau, Board Chairman

Governor, Central Bank of Solomon Islands
▪Appointed Governor, 1st October 2019  (Term of 6 years)

Previously held positions:
▪Deputy Governor: 18th September 2018 – 30th September 2019 )
▪Advisor to Governors Office: January 2016 – 17th September 2018)
▪Chief Manager Economics Research & Statistics Department ; 2010-2011
▪Manager Economics Research & Statistics Department: 2006 -2009
▪Senior Analyst Economics Research & Statistics Department; 2000- 2005
▪ Analyst – January 1999- December 1999


Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Solomon Islands
▪Appointed Deputy Governor, 30th January 2020  (Term of 6 years)

Previously held positions:
▪Chief Manager Financial Systems Regulation Department (FSRD) CBSI: November 2009-December 2019
▪Advisor to Executive Director OED International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC, United States: September 2007 – October 2009
▪Assistant Manager Financial Institutions Department – CBSI: January 206 – August 2007
▪Assistant Manager (Acting) Economics Research & Statistics Department -CBSI: January 2001
▪Senior Analyst – Monetary Sector, Economics Research & Statistics Department -CBSI:  January 2005 -December 2006
▪Senior Analyst -External Sector Economics Research & Statistics Department  – CBSI: February 1999 – June 1999
▪Senior Reseach and Development Officer-Development Bank of Solomon Islands, Research Dept: January 1998 – October 1998
▪Research and Marketing Officer – Development Bank of Solomon Islands, Research Department, Honiara: January 1997-December 1997

Past Involvement;
▪Commissioner, Commission of  Inquiry into Solomon Islands  Ports  Authority Reform  Program, 2016
▪Head Treasurer, Kukum SDA Church, Honiara, Solomon Islands , 2014 -2017
▪Director, Solomon Islands Development Trust Board, Honiara, 2005-2007


Deputy Governor Raynold Moveni, Board Member

McKinnie P, Dentana, Board Member

Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Treasury

Previously held positions:
▪Under Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Treasury

David Quan,  Board member

Chairman Solomon Islands Electricity Authority Board member & Managing Director, Quan Chee Corporation Limited

Previously held positions:
▪Chairman -Solomon Islands Chinese Association
▪Member – Rotary Club of Honiara

Past involvements:
▪Managing Director -AVIS Solomon Islands
▪Member -University of the South Pacific (USP)
▪Solomon Islands Centre Advisory Committee
▪Acting Chairman and Vice-chairman -Solomon Airlines Limited
▪Chairman -Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI)
Chairman – Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF)
Deputy Chairman – National Bank of Solomon Islands (NBSI)
Chairman – Solomon Telekom

Rodney Rutepitu, Board Member

Management Accountant Forum Fisheries Agency

Previously held positions:
▪Accountant/Manager Finance (1995-2006)

 Bob Pollard Member

Managing Director, Kokonut Pacific SI Ltd
Managing Director, Pasifiki Services Ltd
Director, Solomon Airlines, 2019 -present

Previously held positions:
▪Senior Lecturer, SICHE(1988-1992)

Dennis Meone, Board Member

Private Consultant

Previously held positions:
▪Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI)

Christina Lasaqa, Board Member

Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Telekom Company

David Dennis, Board Member

Private Consultant

Previously held positions:
▪Managing Director Special Projects -ANZ Solomon Islands (2017)
▪Chief Executive Officer ANZ Timor Leste (2014-2017)
▪Chief Executive Officer ANZ Cook Islands (2009-2014
▪Chief Operating Officer ANZ Solomon Islands (2007-2009) ▪Head of Retail ANZ Solomon Islands (2005-2007) ▪Country Manager QBE Insurance (Int’l) – Solomon Islands Branch (2002 -2004)

  • Sonia Marahare, Secretary to the Board

    Secretary to the Board
    Chief Manager, Risk Management and Corporate Communications