Bokolo Bills are similar to Treasury bills, but are issued by the Central Bank. Bokolo bills have been issued mainly to mop up excess liquidity in the financial system.  As the cost of issuing them falls directly on the Central Bank, they have been used sparingly over the years – mostly during periods when it was not possible to issue government securities.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands  wishes to announce the latest issue of its Bokolo Bills. Details of the upcoming auction can be found in the latest offering announcement:

A forward look schedule of the forthcoming auctions for the month ahead can also be accessed here:

For further information about the Bokolo Bills can be downloaded here:

If you require further information, please contact either Daisy Cains or Doreen Lai Monogari on phone 21791 extension 229 or 227

Bokolo Bill Tender – Results

Bokolo Bill Tender Series 8004/2024 as of 22nd  February 2024.

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands wishes to announce the results of the Bokolo Bill auction which took place on Thursday,22nd February 2024

Target Volume: $215,000,000.00

Term Total Volume BidTotal Volume Accepted WAY (%)
28 days$562.00 million$132.00 million0.24%

  a Weighted average yield (based on successful bids)


The next auction of Bokolo Bills is due to take place on Thursday 7th March 2023 with the corresponding offering announcement due to be released on  4th March 2023.