The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) was first established in February 1983 under the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Act 1976 which was amended in 1985 and then later on adopting a new central bank act on November 2012. It is the premier financial institution in the country and is at the center of the banking and financial system, performing a number of essential functions, including the formulation and implementation of the country’s monetary policies. CBSI is the only authority that exercises discretionary control over the Country’s entire monetary system.

Who we are

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands is a multicultural organization with approximately 200 staff employed, each performing a range of tasks and are dedicated to helping the Bank achieve its objectives:
» Mission, Vision and Values of CBSI

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What we do

Apart from defining monetary policies, issuing and managing of currency and banking supervision, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands is involved in many other tasks in order to work towards achieving its vision.

»  Responsibilities of CBSI

Bank’s History

img_1059-webThe Bank was first established in 1976 where It began as a monetary authority; it was then given more powers and responsibilities when the authority was converted into a Central Bank in 1983. Now the Central Bank  has fully evolved as one of the key financial institutions in the Solomon Islands economy.

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We are looking for highly competent individuals to engage in our dynamic, multicultural work environment.

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