Our mission is defined by Section 8 of the Central Bank Act 2012 in the following priorities:

Maintain Price Stability

Our Primary Objective is to maintain price stability, i.e. to sustain the value of the Solomon Dollar by evading high inflation and deflation. Price stability is essential for sustainable economic growth and it represents one of the key outcomes that monetary policy aims to achieve.

Stable Financial System

An additional objective of the Central Bank, which shall be subordinated to the primary objective, shall be to foster and to maintain a stable financial system. i.e. ability to deliver critical financial services, even under adverse circumstances, to corporate consumers and domestic households.

Support General Economic policies of the Government

Without prejudice to attainment of these two objectives, the Central Bank shall support the general economic policies of the Government. Economic activity is influenced by both monetary and fiscal policies and must work in tandem, hence stressing the need for consultation on, supporting and synchronization of policy objectives, targets and instruments to avoid conflicts.


Solomon Islands to be amongst the top 4 low inflation and financially stable countries in the South Pacific region.


We are committed to uphold the following values:

  • To provide quality economic analysis and assessment of the Solomon Islands
    economy to enable our stakeholders to make informed business judgements and
  • To discharge our duties with integrity and honesty;
  • To show excellence and professionalism in our work;
  • To act with impartiality in the application of our decisions within the boundaries
    of the CBSI Act or any other laws we administer; and
  • To exercise frugality in the management of the resources under our stewardship.