Month: June 2020

Overview of CBSI functions & Operations: CBSI as Currency Authority

Overview of the Banks Functions & Operations: CBSI as Currency Authority  CBSI Media Article No. : 05/2020 A central bank cannot achieve its multiple objectives without the support of other government policy measures or what is commonly called Fiscal Policy.  Economic activity, which is a measure of the total expenditures of households, businesses and government for consumption and investment, is influenced by both monetary and fiscal policies and must work in tandem.  A policy action taken by a central bank or government to achieve a particular objective may conflict with another stated objective, hence underscoring the need for consultation on and synchronization of policy objectives, targets and instruments. In this article we introduce the 4 main policy instruments CBSI is equipped with, to effectively influence the factors of which affect the money stock, focusing more on the first policy, Central Bank as Currency Authority. ...

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Know Your Central Bank: CBSI Vision, Mission & Values

Know Your Central Bank – CBSI Mission, Vision & Values By CBSI Media  Article No. : 04/2020 In our last two articles, we look at the History of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) and the roles and responsibilities of CBSI as the premier institution of the country. This month we will continue to educate and inform you on the Mission, Vision and Values of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands.  ...

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Press Release: CBSI eases Cash Reserves Requirement

CBSI eases Cash Reserve Requirement  The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has made changes to the Cash Reserves Requirement (CRR) as part of its responses to the Coronavirus-19 (Covid-19) pandemic. Effective Monday 15th June 2020, the CRR has been eased from 7.5% to 5%....

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Key Statistics

(May, 2020) 7.2%
GDP (2017)
Actual (source: SINSO)
Constant 2012 prices
Real GDP
SBD$ 10,547m
Nominal GDP
SBD$ 11,703m
Real GDP Growth5.3%
Foreign Reserves
(July 29, 2020)SBD $5,728m
Interest Rates
(May, 2020)
Deposit Rate0.45%
Lending Rate10.81%
Money Supply
(July 29, 2020)SBD $5,081m

Exchange Rates

Last Week
CNY0.8466 0.8475

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