The Board of Directors is responsible for overall Bank policy and its business management.  The Governor is the Chairman of the Board. The board consists of the Governor, Deputy Governor and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance as ex-officio directors; plus four other appointed directors of high repute with wide experience in banking, public finance or in other professional or academic fields.  Together they bring to the Board a wide range of expertise and experience essential to its decision and policy making. The board appoints a secretary to ensures all rules and bylaws of the organization are adhered to by the board during meetings and the implementation of board decisions.

Denton Rarawa, Governor and Chairman of the Board

▪Governor since August 2008;
▪Chairman, Solomon Airlines Ltd;
▪Chairman, National Financial Inclusion Taskforce (NFIT);
▪Deputy Chairman, Solomon Islands Anti-Money Laundering Commission (AMLC);
▪Vice Chairman, Solomon Islands National Trade & Development Council (NTDC);
▪Vice Chairman, Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Committee on AFI Independence;
▪Vice Chairman, Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) Telekom S-League Board;
▪Director, Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands (ICSI);

Previous positions held:
▪Deputy Governor, CBSI;
▪Chairman, Economic Association of Solomon Islands (EASI);
▪Director, Solomon Islands Plantations Ltd (SIPL);
▪Director, Solomon Printers Ltd (SPL)
▪Director, Foreign Investment Board (FIB)


Gane Simbe, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon islands

▪Appointed Deputy Governor, 18th September, 2008
▪Member, CBSI Board Audit Committee
▪Current Chairman, Pacific Islands Working Group on Financial Inclusion
▪Director, SolTuna Limited

Previously held position:
▪Manager Financial Institutions Department; CBSI;
▪Manager Exchange Control (International Department), CBSI
▪Assistant Manager, Currency & Banking Operations; CBSI
▪Manager Administration, Solrice Limited





Harry Kuma, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Treasury


Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Treasury

Previous positions held:
▪Under Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Treasury
▪Board Chairman – Solomon Telekom Company LTD







Leslie Teama

Private Businessman
▪Accountant – Ministry of Home Affairs and Provincial Government (Old Structure just after SI attained Independence)
▪Treasurer and Head of Finance – Central Islands Provincial Government
▪General Manager & CEO SINPF, 1989 to end of 1999 {10 years]

▪Permanent Secretary, Ministry, of Finance, up until my retirement from public duties and formal employment in 2003
▪Director – Mendana Hotel Limited, under the old Government shareholding Agency (GSA) ownership structure
▪Director – National Bank of Solomon Islands (NBSI)
▪Director – Bank of Hawaii (SI) Limited
▪Director – Board Member SINPF’
▪Director – Board Member CBSI
▪Director – Board member SOLTAI
▪Director and Chairman of Board – Home Finance Corporation Limited


David Quan

Chairman Solomon Islands Electricity Authority Board member
▪Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry
▪Chairman -Solomon Islands Chinese Association
▪Member – Rotary Club of Honiara
▪Managing Director – Quan Chee Corporation Limited

Past involvements
▪Managing Director -AVIS Solomon Islands
▪Member -University of the South Pacific
▪Solomon Islands Centre Advisory Committee
▪Acting Chairman and Vice-chairman -Solomon Airlines Limited
▪Chairman -Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry



John Usuramo


Previous positions held:
▪Campus Director, USP Solomon Islands Campus
▪Group Manager Student Administration Services
▪Assistant Registrar, USP
▪Personal Officer, SICHE






Sir Thomas Chan

Private businessman









Sonia Marahare, Secretary to the Board


Legal & Compliance Officer, Secretary to the Board