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Norma puts Solomon Islands on the FI global map

Norma puts Solomon Islands on the FI global map By CBSI Press Article No. : 02/2018 She was among six of the top recipients from around the globe to receive the 2018 Young Generation award on the night of the sixth Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Awards in Sochi, Russia. Download copy of full article below.  ...

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Meet Women in Micro Business Who Inspire Us

Meet Women in Micro Business Who Inspire Us By Natasha Eddie Article No. : 01/2018 Last year I was part of a team from the Central Bank of Solomon Islands who went to few parts of Solomon Islands to assess women in micro businesses. I had a chance to talk with women who are dedicating their lives to invest in micro business activities. In developing countries like Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Solomon Islands, micro-small and medium businesses are an engine for economic growth- and startups can be a real step up for women and their families. Small businesses employ half of the worlds workers, and in families where the mother runs a business, children are much more likely to get an education and have much better health and employment outcomes. The full article was published on Solomon Business Magazine, the original can be downloaded below....

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Saving Clubs Empowered

Saving Clubs Empowered By Natasha Eddie Article No. : 12/2017 The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) in partnership with the Pacific Financial Inclusion Program (PFIP) has successfully hosted a major workshop for saving groups practitioners around the Solomon Islands....

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CBSI taking on Bechedemer Export

CBSI taking on Bechedemer Export By Natasha Eddie Article No. : 11/2017 A few months ago, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) lifted it’s banned over the exportation of Bechedemer (Sea Cucumber). Soon it became a regular headline in the papers and a controversial topic in many public forums as groups and individuals continued to exploit the resource.  Eventually it reached a point where the regulation of this commodity was inevitable and needed to be monitored....

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Key Statistics

(May, 2019) 1.0%
GDP (2016)
Actual (source: SINSO)
Real GDP
SBD$ 4,603m
Nominal GDP
SBD$ 8,606m
Real GDP Growth3.4%
Foreign Reserves
(July 10, 2019)SBD $5,205m
Interest Rates
(April, 2019)
Deposit Rate0.32%
Lending Rate10.73%
Money Supply
(July 10, 2019)SBD $5,165m

Exchange Rates

Last Week
CNY0.8452 0.8432

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