As part of its domestic open market operations, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands carries out primary security auctions for Government backed Treasury Bills and Central Bank backed Bokolo Bills. Additionally, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands provides routine liquidity to commercial banks via a primary and secondary standing facility.
Operational guidelines for participation in primary securities auctions and the primary and secondary standing facilities can be found below:

Further information regarding primary securities auctions (including information announcements, offering announcements and announcements of successful bids) can be found below:

Treasury Bills

Short-term discount securities, denominated in Solomon Bokolo Dollars and redeemable at face value on maturity.

Bokolo Bills

Central Bank backed securities denominated in Solomon Island Dollars.

Under exceptional circumstances, the Central Bank of Solomon Islands may extend emergency liquidity assistance to distressed financial corporations. Guidelines outlining the procedure by which such liquidity will be extended can be found below: