Governors Speech – Solomon Islands Money Day 2018

Remarks on the Solomon Islands Money Day – 42nd Anniversary of Central Banking in Solomon Islands Denton Rarawa Governor Central Bank of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Money Day: 42nd Anniversary of Central Banking in Solomon Islands Honiara – 21th July, 2018 Download PDF Formal Salutations & Acknowledgement – – A very good morning and a warm welcome to you all. Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to be part of today’s event, hosted by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, here at this venue. As have been the practice in the past by CBSI, on this day, 21st of June, we are gathered here mainly to celebrate two important events.   First, it is the anniversary of the work of central banking in the Solomon Islands.   Today CBSI turns 42 years of age since its humble beginnings initially as the Solomon Islands Monetary Authority back in 1976. What began as a small but critical operation of not more than 10 people, in preparation for the Solomon Islands seeking its independence two years later in 1978, has now grown into a fully-fledged central banking institution with more than 140 staff and employees, working and serving the country, our government and our people. So yes, let us acknowledge and remember that today, 21 June is the day CBSI was formally established. The second event and a very...

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Governors Speech- Launching of the 2017 Annual Report

Governors Speech- Launching of 2017 Annual report Denton Rarawa Governor Central Bank of Solomon Islands 2017 Annual Report Launch- Mendana Hotel Honiara – 10th May, 2018 Download PDF Remarks by Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) Governor, Denton Rarawa at the launching of the CBSI  2017 Annual Report, Mendana Hotel, May 10th 2018    [Salutation] Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, Hon Manasseh Sogavare Minister for Forestry & Research, Hon Samuel Manetoali Permanent Secretaries & other Senior Government Officials Representatives of Diplomatic missions & international organisations CBSI Board Directors Heads of banks and other financial institutions Representatives of SOE’s and private sector companies Representatives of NGO’s, CSO’s, women’s groups Representatives of the media Ladies and gentlemen       Introduction Let me welcome you all, and thank you for accepting our invitation to be with us at this morning’s launching of the CBSI’s 2017 annual report. This is one of the important annual events for the Bank where we provide an assessment of the country’s economic conditions, comment on topical policy issues and account for the Bank’s operations in the prior year. As we all know, 2018 is a special year for our country. We will be celebrating 40 years of independence in July. Hindsight enables us to reflect on our journey, our successes and failures. I would like to look ahead and pose these questions; what do we want...

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Key Statistics

(July, 2018) 2.2%
GDP (2016)
Actual (source: SINSO)
Real GDP
SBD$ 4,603m
Nominal GDP
SBD$ 8,606m
Real GDP Growth3.4%
Foreign Reserves
(September 19, 2018)SBD $4,732m
Interest Rates
(July, 2018)
Deposit Rate0.36%
Lending Rate10.84%
Money Supply
(September 19, 2018)SBD $5,120m

Exchange Rates

Last Week

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