CBSI Dismiss false rumors regarding SI coins featuring Effigy of the Late Queen Elizabeth II

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands would like to dismiss recent false rumors circulating in Honiara regarding the SI Currency coins.

The rumor alleges that there is a ban on coins depicting the Effigy of Her Queen Elizabeth II and that all existing coins will be phased out in favor of new coin designs featuring the new Effigy of King Charles III.

CBSI dismisses such misleading news and information and hereby informs the public that the news is false.
The Solomon Islands Coins with Queen Elizabeth’s image remains legal tender, and is still used for transactions and exchanges for goods and services with individuals, the public, banks and financial institutions.

Any official announcements relating to the SI coins or coinage design changes would be formally communicated and announced by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. with a Press Release and other channels.

The public is therefore advised to rely on CBSI official statements whenever seeking information on currency matters.

For more information, contact the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) on 21791 or Email:  | Website: