CBSI warning on latest email scam 

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is warning the general public to avoid the latest form of email scam detected only last week.

CBSI is advising the public to avoid any form of communication via email with individuals or groups requesting money to be paid before a major prize money from FACEBOOK is released.

The latest scam involves outsiders contacting individual Solomon Islanders via email and informing them of their money winnings of up to SBD$2million dollars, ready to be distributed. The documentation used in the emails utilize the banks Bokolo logo and fake signatures of both the CBSI Governor (Dr. Luke Forau) and Deputy Governor (Raynold Moveni) to approve the winnings.

“This is very serious matter and we want to warn the public that certain individuals or groups are using CBSI to scam people”.

“If you have received such emails, please avoid or delete them immediately. Do not engage with the scammers and do not send any money to them”.

The scam is the latest to be developed by outsiders, following a similar scam last year (2021) which used Facebook Messenger to communicate to Solomon Islanders, to come to Honiara and claim their prize money from CBSI. The latest one now involves the fake signatures of the senior executives of the Bank.

For more information, please contact:

Please contact the Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) at CBSI on 21791 or Email: | Website: