Governor Forau: Please respect critical infrastructures

(Honiara 30.11.2021) – The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is calling on the general public to respect all banks and other financial institutions’ properties in Honiara.

This call was made following last week’s events which saw several key properties being damaged, including a bank building and ATMs, which were razed to the ground by fire.

“I want to make a personal call to the good people of Solomon Islands to please respect our banks and other key infrastructures in and around Honiara,” CBSI Governor, Dr. Luke Forau stated.

“These properties are key infrastructures that are critical to the operations and functioning of our economy and we must respect them. We must not allow any form of damage over them,” he added.

The destruction of banks’ properties will have a severe adverse impact to the economy; the absence of which disrupts the orderly functioning of the financial system.

 “We must ensure that we do not allow any further damage to any properties or to any of the remaining critical infrastructures, whether government or privately owned,” Governor Forau added.

“We cannot afford to experience any more destructions.”

The public is urged to cooperate with the law enforcement and quickly report any activity that would likely cause damage to any bank assets and properties in and around Honiara.

Meanwhile, CBSI is currently reviewing its initial assessment with a full report on the economic impact of the unrest to be released soon.



For more information, please contact: Central Bank of Solomon Islands | P.O. BOX 634 | Honiara | Ph.: (677) 21791 | Email: | Website: