The Following are official announcements by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

Email Fraud

The Central bank of Solomon Islands wishes to inform all stakeholders, organizations, financial institutions, the private sector and the general public of an email scam that is purportedly sent by the Governor of Central Bank Denton Rarawa. If you receive any email...

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Rise in ATM card theft

(Honiara 11.10.16) – The general public is warned to be very careful when using the Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in Honiara and around the country, whenever they decide to withdraw money.

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SIFIU warns of new pyramid scheme

(Honiara 04.08.16) - Honiara residents are strongly warned not to invest in a new pyramid scheme that is currently being promoted as a travel or tourism business based in the United States, that is promising members overseas holidays or dream trips, along with large...

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