The Central bank of Solomon Islands wishes to inform all stakeholders, organizations, other institutions, public and private sectors and the general public of a scam activity detected that has recently been conducted online in the last two days.

If you receive emails or calls claiming “you have been chosen from the Central Bank to win 300,00 US dollars,” please take note that it is fake and you should never reply to it.

This is an initial form of online scam which means that someone is using images of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands to lure you to their online platform. They will start communicating with you to trick you to believe that you have won an amount of money. They will then try to ask for confidential information from you.

Be advised that the Central Bank of Solomon Islands does not, and will not involve or participate in such activity. The public is therefore advised to stay out of such activity to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

You are advised to check the online links properly. Anyone using fake online platforms cannot represent a reputable organization.

Also check to see if the level of language in the content is formal or choice of words used must be of high official level. Anything below this is most likely from a scammer.

Lastly the content itself must be judged accordingly. A content that sounds too good to be true is definitely non-genuine or non-legitimate, and this should be easily detected by the recipient of that message or information.



For more information, please contact: Central Bank of Solomon Islands | P.O. BOX 634 | Honiara | Ph: (677) 21791 | Email: | Website: