Choiseul School acknowledge timely assistance from CBSI 

By CBSI Media 

Article No. : 12/2020

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) led by Governor Dr. Luke Forau made a special visit to the Choiseul Bay Provincial Secondary School last week, and donated $10,000 along with economic resources (reports) to support the school and its students.

Dr. Forau, who is on his first ever provincial tour as Governor made the visit to the school on Tuesday.

During his presentation to the school, Governor Luke Forau explained that although the visit was short, CBSI wanted to use the opportunity to support the school through a small donation, mainly to help school management especially during the current COVID-19 crises.

“Please accept this donation, especially during this difficult time where we are faced with a lot of uncertainties as a nation’, Governor Forau highlighted.

‘We hope the school can make use of this donation to support its students in their learning environment, as they try to finish off this academic year”.

Choiseul Bay P.S.S. Principal, Mr. Murray Rotoava in his response thanked Governor Forau for the donation, and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the school. He stated that cash flow was one of the main difficulties faced, and such a donation from CBSI was timely, and will help the school in many ways.

Governor and his team also used the opportunity to give a brief talk about CBSI functions and operations, and briefly explained about the current state of the nation’s economy.

The presentation was completed with a short Q&A session before the team returned to the provincial capital, Taro.

The Governor of CBSI had led a small team to Choiseul and Western Province last week mainly to formally open one of the first nation-wide consultations currently undertaken to develop the governments first ever National Digital Economy Strategy (NDES 1) and the third National Financial Inclsuion Strategy (NFIS 3).

The consultations were carried out with local stakeholders and participants from within the provincial government. From Choiseul Province, the Governor also visited Gizo on Thursday, before returning to Honiara on Friday.