Tuna Trust Credit Union & Soltuna Credit Union Board Members undergoes leadership training 

A leadership training aimed to equip board members of the Tuna Trust Credit Union (TTCU) and Soltuna Credit Union (SCU) with effective leadership skills and knowledge, was held last week in Munda, Western province on the 19th of May 2021.

The half day training was facilitated by the Governor of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Dr Luke Forau and his team at the Agnes Gateway Hotel conference room.

Speaking to the participants, Governor Forau who is also the Registrar for Credit Unions in the country said that one of the main hiccups of Credit Union is poor governance.

“I want to encourage board members to strengthen your governance, and that requires good leadership. That is why the aim of this training is for you to assess where and who you are as a leader and be able to improve and carry out effective leadership in your role as credit union board members.”

A total of 16 participants attended the training, most of whom were Board Directors and Staff from TTCU and SCU. The invitation was also extended to other stakeholders of which a representative from Munda youth and a representative from the Wild Life Conservation (WLC) organization also attended.

The participants were able to learn what good leadership is, the pillars of leadership and how to lead and manage people effectively.
Chairman of Soltuna Credit Union Board, Thomas Ruge acknowledge the contents of the training as something he would like to take on board to use in his company especially in areas of leading people.

“The contents were really good, this is something we would like to use in our company. This training is an eye opener for some of us, especially in areas of leading people. We are happy to take on some ideas which we can use to improve the organization we worked in and improve the way we lead people,” he said.

Chairlady for Tuna Trust Credit Union board, Cynthia Wickham also acknowledge the Governor for facilitating the training at the credit union level.

“I thought it was an excellent training, not only the content which was really good and we learned a lot from, but to have someone as the Governor facilitated it. It’s not often you have someone in that
position to facilitate trainings at the level that we are, as Credit Unions. For us being able to hear his stories and his experience and apply it to our experience is a bonus,” she acknowledged.

Governor Forau along with the Credit Union team from the CBSI Financial Systems and Regulations Department, also visited TTCU office and conduct consultations with both TTCU and SCU prior to the leadership training.

During the consultation Governor Forau spoke highly of the Credit Union operations as an alternate financial service provider that can meet the needs of rural people even in the absence of commercial banks.

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