Articles published in newspapers are uploaded on this section for access with the aim to raise more public awareness. The articles ranges from various topics related to our currency and economy.

Handling Money

Handling Money By CBSI Media Article No. : 03/2019 Welcome again to this week’s topic where we cover some key issues about handling money and other useful information about our national currency....

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Why New Banknotes?

Why New Banknotes? By CBSI Press Article No. : 01/2019 A lot of people may ask why the Central banks issue new bank notes. It’s really that simple. Advances in technology have provided counterfeits with better methods for imitating genuine banknotes. For this reason...

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Norma puts Solomon Islands on the FI global map

Norma puts Solomon Islands on the FI global map By CBSI Press Article No. : 02/2018 She was among six of the top recipients from around the globe to receive the 2018 Young Generation award on the night of the sixth Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Awards in...

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