Articles published in newspapers are uploaded on this section for access with the aim to raise more public awareness. The articles ranges from various topics related to our currency and economy.

Don’t be a victim of Scam

Don't be a victim of scam  By Natasha EddieArticle No. : 11/2021 Let’s talk about Scams. Recently we have learned that there is a scam conducted online to lure people into believing that they won a huge amount of money from the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. Just...

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Financial Inclusion: Women a Priority

Financial Inclusion: Women a Priority  By Natasha EddieArticle No. : 10/2021 During the implementation of the previous National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2, there were lessons drawn based on interactions with stakeholders on the barriers that limited women to fully...

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Financial Literacy Coaches in the making

Financial Literacy Coaches in the making  By Natasha EddieArticle No. : 09/2021 Fragrance Balavala from Harabau community in North West Guadalcanal could not hold back the excitement she had after completing the one-week financial literacy training for coaches held at...

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What you should know about Financial Inclusion

What you should know about Financial Inclusion  CBSI Media  Article No. : 07/2021 This week we will look at the topic Financial Inclusion. We will try to understand what Financial Inclusion is and what role CBSI plays to drive the national agendas of financial...

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Benefits of Trade

Benefits of Trade  By CBSI Media  Article No. : 06/2021 We would describe the Solomon Islands as an ‘’open’’ economy because we are free to trade with other countries. But what are the benefits to the country of engaging in trade? We take a look at some of these...

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