Articles published in newspapers are uploaded on this section for access with the aim to raise more public awareness. The articles ranges from various topics related to our currency and economy.


Unemployment in the Solomon Islands By CBSI MediaArticle No. : 03/2021In our previous article on unemployment we looked at the issues of unemployment. We learned that unemployment is usually classified according to the various perceived causes of unemployment, and so...

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benefits of Trade

The benefits of trade By CBSI Media Article No. : 23/2020 The Solomon Islands economy would be best described as an “open economy” because we are free to trade with other countries. But what are the benefits to the country for engaging in trade? We take a look at some...

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What you need to know about the SBD

What you need to know about the "SBD" By CBSI Media  Article No. : 22/2020 It has been a common misconception that our currency code SBD stands for Solomon British Dollar, or Solomon Bokolo Dollar. The initial SBD is the currency code given to our country. There is no...

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How to protect yourself from lottery scam

How to protect yourself from lottery scam By CBSI mediaArticle No. : 21/2020Lottery scams follow a definite pattern. In almost every case, you’ll be contacted with the news that you’ve won a lottery prize. What happens next, though is what separates a scam from a...

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The dangers of investing in pyramid Scheme

The Dangers of Investing in a Pyramid Scheme. By CBSI Media  Article No. : 20/2020 Solomon Islands is a major target for scammers and fraudsters who are actively spreading their networks through out the Pacific Region. Although statistics cannot really indicate the...

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