Articles published in newspapers are uploaded on this section for access with the aim to raise more public awareness. The articles ranges from various topics related to our currency and economy.

The dangers of investing in pyramid Scheme

The Dangers of Investing in a Pyramid Scheme. By CBSI Media  Article No. : 20/2020 Solomon Islands is a major target for scammers and fraudsters who are actively spreading their networks through out the Pacific Region. Although statistics cannot really indicate the...

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Central Province: More focus on Micro Insurance

Central Province: More focus on Micro Insurance  By Natasha EddieArticle No. : 19/2020 There should be more focus on developing micro-insurance products that can cater for the needs of rural Solomon Islands. This was the collective sentiment shared by the people of...

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Causes of Money Management Problems

Causes of Money Management Problems  By CBSI Media Article No. : 18/2020 Money management problem has its causes. Below are some examples: Lack training on the use of money in the home: When parents do not teach their children on how to manage money in the home, there...

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Managing your personal Finance during COVID-19

Managing your personal finance during COVID-19 By Junior FakaArticle No. : 17/2020During this COVID-19 period, decisions that individual makes may have financial implications whether it be for health, economic or social/cultural reasons. However, with decisions come...

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