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Internet Scam

It has been brought to SIFIU’s attention that local church groups, businesses or individuals are promised by overseas internet friends or gambling organizations millions of dollars if they pay some fees for ‘Anti-Money Laundering certificate or International Bank clearance certificate’ to accounts they provide.

The SIFIU would like to warn such local groups that such conditional promises are usually internet scams and would like to advise local groups who receive such promises to refrain from paying the fees. Internet Scam is a global issue and Solomon Islands is no exception and is exposed to these false financial promises and tricks. Areas that are very high in these types of businesses are Africa (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and South Africa) parts of Asia (Hong Kong, Macau etc.) and other parts of North America.

It is important during this time, when we are still recovering from the negative financial impact of Family Charity Money scheme, that the people of Solomon Islands invest their hard-earned money wisely and properly.
By SIFIU Analyst 5th September 2006.



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