This section has all the documents which are important to the establishment of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The document contains the Suspicious Transaction Report where Financial Institutions and Cash Dealers could use to report any suspicious transactions to the Unit. Any research or material of money laundering and counter terrorism that has been undertaking by the SIFIU or any foreign counterpart will also be found here.

Furthermore, the documents also contains the copies of our money laundering and counter finance of terrorism legislation, or any speeches made by any of our government high officials on money laundering and counter finance of terrorism. FIU documents also contain any policy or guideline issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit or the Anti-Money Laundering Commission to the reporting entities or the general public on how to report or deal with conduct of money laundering and counter terrorism financing in the country.

  • Report to GoA for 2008 [195KB]
  • Report to GoA for 2007 [263KB]
  • Report to GoA for 2006 [159KB]

Annual Reports

  • SIFIU Annual Report 2009 [1.74MB]

Standard Operation Procedures

  • Standard Operation Procedure for CTR and EFTR 2011 [464KB]
  • Standard Operation Procedure 2009 [1.27MB]


  • Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Act (2010) [169KB]
  • Counter-Terrorism Act 2009 [145KB]
  • Currency Declaration Act [58KB]
  • Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 [4.1MB]
  • Anti-Money Laundering Commission Instrument of Delegation to SIFIU [1.3MB]
  • Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime (Ammendment) ACT 2004 [1.6MB]


  • Cash Transaction Report [65KB]
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Report [64KB]
  • Suspicious Transaction Report [77KB]

Other Resources

  • Solomon Islands 1st Mutual Evaluation Report 2010 [881KB]
  • Financial Crime & Money Laundering Risk Assessment [321KB]
  • Guidelines for Financial Institutions & Cash Dealers [573KB]
  • Compliance Examination Manual [690KB]
  • Honiara Declaration [44KB]
  • Nasonini Declaration on Regional Security [19.2KB]
  • Pacific Plan [720KB]
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy Guidelines – Revised July 2006 [61KB]
  • Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing – by FATF GAFI (22 Oct 2004) [34KB]
  • The Forty Recommendations – by FATF GAFI (20 June 2003) [106KB]
  • SIFIU Suspicion Transaction Report (STR Form) [191KB]
  • SIFIU Review Of Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (April 2009) [161KB]
  • Banks SIFIU Pamphlet [315KB]
  • Casinos SIFIU Pamphlet [315]