The Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Financial Inclusion has participated in the following initiatives.

Pacific Islands Regional Initiative (PIRI) Regulatory Sandbox Guidelines

This Regional Regulatory Sandbox Guidelines is a product of the central banks that make up the Pacific Islands Regional Initiative (PIRI) under the direction of the PIRI Regulatory Sandbox Technical Subgroup from Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and Tonga.

The Regulatory Sandbox provides a ‘framework through which controlled testing of new financial products and services can be conducted under close supervision of the Central Bank’. This framework provides recognition of the importance of innovative technological solutions to scale financial inclusion, enhance response to emerging risks, the need to encourage innovation and to build an internationally-reputable financial system that supports growth and development.

Small Medium Credit Guarantee Scheme

A scheme to support locally owned SMEs when accessing commercial loan/credit from Partner financial institutions. This scheme provides guarantees for SMEs for the unsecured portion of the collateral shortfall.

Branchless banking

Digital channels offered by banks which enable customers to access banking services via agents, their mobile phones, internet or through EFTPOS.


An electronic platform offered by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for customers to file taxes online and pay electronically.

youSave Micro-pension Savings scheme

A savings product offered by Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) for the informal sector to save for immediate and retirement/old age needs.

youSave loMobile

A digital airtime payment service which enable youSave members to remit savings to their youSave accounts using airtime credit (mobile top-ups) from their phones.

Financial literacy

NFIT stakeholders continues to conduct financial literacy awareness. This activity is currently ongoing.

Financial Competency Program (Mekem Selen Waka for Gudfala future)

With the support of ADB and Good Return, the development of a 7-weeks financial competency program – delivered through face to face and through media. Since 2018, focus groups have been involved in particular, women’s’ groups and savings groups.

Simplified KYC

Issued to encourage and qualify ordinary Solomon Islanders, to open bank accounts with commercial banks.

Membership rights for Savings clubs

Best practices for savings clubs’ operations.

Support to Savings Groups

With the assistance of Savings Group practitioner, the support to establish savings groups as well as financial literacy and reporting.

Financial education for Rural Training Centres (RTCs)

Financial education curriculum for Anglican church of Melanesia Rural training centres.

Global Money Week

A yearly programme where CBSI conducts financial literacy and awareness for children and youths, particularly in schools.


Digital payments among large private sector employers and associations reaching smaller employers and in business to business payments

Legislations & Policy

Through enabling environment with stakeholders:

  • Micro-insurance – stamp duty exemption for micro-insurance policies
  • Amendments to SINPF Act – with SINPF to accommodate youSave Savings Scheme for informal sector
  • Insurance Bill – Provisions to recognize inclusive insurance
  • NPS Bill – Provisions for Payment Service Providers and Payment System Operators and provide interoperability in the market
  • MSME Bill – Provisions to accommodate and recognize the potential of MSMEs – led by MCILI